5 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy this Monsoon

We all know that monsoon brings a wide range of infections and diseases. That is why it is essential to take precaution to stay safe and healthy in the rainy season. Here are a few ways to stay healthy and safe –
  1. Always choose home-cooked food – Monsoon season may give rise to the spread of bacteria and viruses. That is why it makes sense to choose home-cooked food during the rainy season. Also make sure to add seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  2. Rely on fruits and vegetables – In order to keep your immunity and digestion strong, rely on fresh fruits and vegetable. Make sure they are fresh and hygienically served.
  3. Wash your hands – Yes, wash your hands before and after eating anything. Use a good soap or disinfectant to stay away from infections.
  4. Seasoning ingredients – Add immunity-boosting elements to your diet such as turmeric, pepper, ginger, and garlic. They are good for your overall health and hygiene.
  5. Exercise regularly – We all know that exercise helps to lose weight and lower the risk of some fatal diseases. It also helps us to maintain our digestive and immune system. It not only boosts your energy levels, but also controls your weight.
So, follow all these necessary ways to stay safe and healthy this monsoon.

About Vikas Singh

Vikas Singh has completed his MSc in biotechnology & MBA in healthcare management. He worked in the biotech industry for drug research, genomics and proteomics. As MBA he has worked with the healthcare industry. He is a certified lean six sigma green belts professional and specialised in the areas of Manufacturing, Quality, R&D, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs.

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