All you need to know about the too common – cold virus

When your body becomes infected by cold virus it makes you feel sick and miserable. Cold, which is the most common ailment, targets almost every human on this planet at least once a year. Common cold is a viral disease that infects respiratory tract. Children are most vulnerable to this kind of viral infection and even healthy adults can have two to three colds annually. It is a mild respiratory illness accompanied by bit of a discomfort. People can resort to home remedies to thrash out the common cold or take OTC (over the counter) medicines. It does not cause any other health problems and lasts only for few days.


Those who have a weakened immune system are more likely to be the victim of cold. At the onset of common cold you will have a sore throat. When your throat is inflamed you tend to produce a lot of mucus. These are typically the first signs and symptoms of this viral infection. The other common symptoms are:

• Sneezing • Congestion • Sinus pressure • Body aches • Fatigue • Runny nose • Stuffy nose

Stuffy nose and sore throat are the most common symptoms of cold and leads to severe uneasiness. Jasleen Pharmaceuticals Healthcare provides the best cold medicines for stuffy and runny nose that are highly effective in treating the same.


Common cold is transmitted by virus that floats in the air. Since the viruses spread through the air, common cold is contagious. It can be spread through direct physical contact with the infected person. This viral infection can also spread through touching a surface that is contaminated with germs, for example touching a door knob, phone, mug, computer keyboard and then touching your mouth or nose.


It is advisable to take lots of rest as your body needs to heal when you have cold, take plenty of fluids and vaporize the air. By consulting a healthcare professional you may also take paracetamol for cold and ward off the discomfort. Jasleen Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. deals in medicines that help relieve cold and are a trusted pharma company in India.

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