Anemia: Symptoms Causes and Cure

Blood is that part of the body which keeps all other parts functioning, and working well. It can be very well said that blood is like the ocean on which the boat of the body floats. And, any ailment in this blood will spread to any part of the body where the blood flows. One such condition is called Anemia; a condition where the count of healthy blood cells which carry oxygen to all parts in the body decreases. And eventually, the amount of oxygen which should be provided in the body is not provided. Anemia could be temporary or permanent, short term or long term depending upon the body type of the individual.
Talking about the symptoms of this condition, in the initial stage, the person will experience some symptoms which will be mentioned below but will not be able to notice these. The problem starts when these symptoms start to intensify: fatigue, weakness, pale or yellowish skin, which is due to decreased number of blood cells, shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, chest pain, and many others.
There are many reasons due to which anemia happens, but some of the deficiencies which lead to this condition include: Iron deficiency, iron leads to the production of hemoglobin in the body, which is not the case when there is an iron deficiency in the body; eventually leading to anemia. Vitamin deficiency, B-12 is the vitamin which is required to generate red blood cells, but many people lack this. Especially vegetarians have a deficiency of this vitamin, and therefore need to take supplements for the same. Diseases like HIV/AIDS, kidney or liver ailments can also contribute to non-production of the blood cells in the body. Loss of excess blood due to an accident can also lead to lowering the number of blood cells in the body.
There are many other reasons, and ailments which eventually lead to anemia, but seeking the help of an expert doctor at the right time, and following the right medicines can improve the condition of the individual.

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