Fever – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

If you think that fever is normal and should not be worried about, then you are wrong! Let’s discuss this in detail. A fever is nothing but a temporary increase in your body’s temperature, due to an illness.

Since fevers usually go away easily, people think that it is an ordinary temperature fluctuation, but it may pose different types of health risks. And if it is not treated properly, it may cause serious problems (infections), too. Fever is caused by chemicals known as pyrogens, flowing in the bloodstream. – Source

Some of the most common symptoms of a fever are –
  • Sweating, headache, body ache and irritability
  • Shivering, dehydration and weakness
  • Bad taste
  • Hot, dry skin
  • Vomiting, constipation and stomach ache
High fever may cause seizures, headaches, unusual sensitivity towards bright light and sound, difficulty in breathing etc. – Source

Let’s see some of the causes –
  • A virus or bacterial infection
  • Some medications
  • A malignant tumor
Fever is a vital part of your body’s defense against infection. – Source

Discuss your medical history
This shows that fever should not be ignored. You should immediately talk to your doctor and discuss your problem. You should also discuss your symptoms along with medical history. Your doctor may suggest a blood test, x-ray or any other physical examination depending upon your condition.

Fever medicines
For a normal or you say a low-grade fever, your doctor may recommend certain over-the-counter fever medicines or an antibiotic. You can take these medicines according to the given instructions. However, it must be noted that the treatment of fever differs depending upon the age of the patient.

Besides that, you doctor may also suggest certain simple lifestyle changes, such as complete rest, plenty of liquid intake as well as prefer light clothing. Hence, if you are suffering from fever, choose a reliable hospital or a clinic that can ensure quality care.

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