Global Presence

Jasleen Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a famous pharmaceutical company in India with years of experience and expertise. We have also set-up our presence in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Dhaka and Nepal, which enables us to empower and strengthen our communities.
As the leading pharmaceutical company of India, we offer the largest portfolio of effective medicines on the market. In order to maximize our growth, we have extended our footprints in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Dhaka and Nepal. Our medicines are also gaining acceptance in the global market.

We believe in –
  • Improving the quality of life
  • Developing new drug formulations
  • Making and offering cost-effective products
  • Following the high standards of quality and safety
  • Maintaining high respectability and transparency
  • Promoting prevention and treatment of diseases
With such a well-established and fully functional global presence, we maintain a solid network that helps to accelerate our business. Besides that, we always focus on providing medicines at the most affordable rates.

  Our portfolio –

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