Gynecology, Ailments and Gynecology Medicines: An Overview

Woman’s health is complex and important at the same time because she is bestowed with the ability to reproduce. There are many conditions with the women reproductive system, and problems like infertility, infections in the genital tract, gynecological cancers, and others. And here is when Gynecology or the science of women comes into the picture.

There are many health conditions for which gynecology medicines are used as mentioned above, but vaginal diseases are the most prominent type of gynecological condition which is prevalent in females of all age group. There are some vaginal diseases which are transmitted when indulged in unprotected sexual activity and need proper treatment along with prescribed gynecology medicines to heal. These are Herpes Genitalis, which leads to ulcers ad blisters in the vagina and may cause excruciating pain and burning sensation.

Next, there is Human Papillomavirus, which leads to vaginal warts. Other vaginal conditions which require expert help and proper course of gynecology medicines are vaginismus, which leads to involuntary tightening of the vagina due to conditioned reflexes of the muscles surrounding the vagina, leading to pain and discomfort. The obstruction which leads to a collection of watery fluid in the vagina and the uterus is yet another ailment which requires proper treatment. The list is endless, but the one-stop solution is the gynecology medicines, which help to cure all the ailments related to women’s reproductive system.
One should be very cautious while using any type of gynecology medicine. Since these medicines have a direct impact on the hormonal functioning of the woman’s body, and overall functioning; one should take these only with a gynecologist’s prescription. And one should be aware of the various side effects of the medicines so that immediate action can be taken in case of an emergency.

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