How is the fever caused?

A normal human being has body temperature of 98.3 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Centigrade). Elevation in body temperature can be noticed upon wearing extra clothing, eating certain foods, strenuous exercises, etc. Women have an increased basal temperature during their menstruation. Our body temperature is noticeably lower in the morning. If the body temperature is higher than normal, it’s a fever. Fever is our body’s response to an infection. A fever is body’s way of combating an ailment.

Hypothalamus controls the temperature of our body. It is a part of the brain that acts like a thermostat by maintaining normal temperature through heating and cooling mechanisms. The pyrogens (fever producing substances) send signals to hypothalamus to raise the temperature of the body. In response to this action our body starts to shiver and blood vessels start to compress.

Fevers are often associated with body aches and people can consider taking paracetamol to relieve the pain after consulting a physician. When fever or a running temperature strikes, people wonder which medicine to take for treating fever? Jasleen Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide range of reliable medicines to treat fever at affordable rates.

Viral fever 

It is the most common flu and preys mostly on children and older people as they have weaker immunity.

Viral fever can be airborne, waterborne or it can even be transmitted from one infected person to another. With the change in weather people are more likely to develop viral fever.

The symptoms of viral fever include – headaches, chills, body ache, loss of appetite, cough, fatigue and inflammation of the pharynx. People may also feel burning sensation in the eyes. It’s better to get the blood test done in order to diagnose viral fever otherwise the condition can get worse if viral fever is not addressed on time. The medical practitioner will then prescribe the most appropriate viral fever medicine dosage.

It is advisable to take medicine for fever and headache when down with viral fever. Jasleen Pharmaceutical Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. provides high quality and best medicine for headache and fever.

Whenever you or your family member has an increased body temperature it is advisable to consult a doctor near you.

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