Pharmaceutical Industry and Manufacturing

PCD or Propaganda-Cum-Distribution is a term used in pharma for marketing and distribution rights in the Pharmaceutical industry. PCD pharma companies are those firms which provide goods to its franchise associates and also the monopoly of retailing and distribution rights for the given geographical area or location.

The PCD pharma companies that provide products’ brand, name and support i.e. PCD franchise to their franchise partners are also known as the pharma franchiser or PCD pharma franchise company. The individual or the entire group that obtains the PCD franchise is called Franchise or Franchise partner of the firm, for a particular geographical area. With all this the benefits received because of PCD franchise by the PCD pharma company are many, the major benefit being that it can widen its brand’s scope into the business with finance and also support the franchise. The benefit enjoyed by the franchise partner because of PCD franchise is that they can start business with cartel rights in the particular geographical area with prominent quality products and without commencing their own pharma company which requires a lot of money.

Other than marketing functions the pharmaceutical industry performs various functions such as manufacturing, extraction, processing, purification, and packaging of synthetic-chemical elements to be used as animal or human medication. Pharmaceutical manufacturing is characterised into two major steps: the production of the drug and the transformation of drugs into products that are suitable for medication and surveillance.

The main groups of pharmaceutical manufacturing include:
  • Prescription-only medicines (POM).
  • Standard prescription-only medicines.
  • Over-the counter (OTC) or non-prescription medicines.
The products produced by pharmaceutical manufacturing are available in the form of tablets,
capsules, liquids; solutions, gels, or injections; creams, ointments mostly water-oil emulsions and sprays, which include products to be inhaled or to be used externally. Catalysts used in sprays contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), the use of which is being discouraged these days, as it pollutes the environment. In recent time, butane has replaced other toxic propellants or catalysts used in externally used medications.

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