Role of pharmaceutical companies in serving society!

The pharmaceutical industry has advanced to a great height in the 21st century. Gone are those days when people had not many options when it came to medication, and usually relied on home remedies to treat the ailments. Now, in the current scenario with the development in the pharmaceutical sector, there is hardly any ailment left for which medicine is not available.

Even the top pharmaceutical companies have such a stronghold on the research and development function in their respective organizations that medicine for ailments like cancer has also been found in many parts of the world.

These top pharmaceutical companies should form a group and develop many more such medicines which could contribute to increasing the life span of individuals and at the same time keeping him naturally healthy for long.

But to the other side of the story, the dissatisfaction lies in the profit-making nature of these companies. The other side of the coin depicts the darker side of this industry. Many top pharmaceutical companies indulge in making profits through the black market, hoarding of life-saving drugs, and other such fraudulent activities. Also giving the doctor commission for prescribing a particular top pharmaceutical company’s medicine is a common practice today. The medical representatives have a role to play in this whole process.

But taking the whole humanity into context, the major role of the top pharmaceutical companies should be to make medicines available on time and at reasonable rates; so that the small companies will also follow these examples. Profit, making is the general nature of any business enterprise, but to some extent, the human context can be given priority over profit by these companies.

For instance, in a flooded region where people are dying because of various infections, these top pharmaceutical companies can provide medication at very low prices, and even for free when the condition is worst.
Save humankind, save humanity!

About Vikas Singh

Vikas Singh has completed his MSc in biotechnology & MBA in healthcare management. He worked in the biotech industry for drug research, genomics and proteomics. As MBA he has worked with the healthcare industry. He is a certified lean six sigma green belts professional and specialised in the areas of Manufacturing, Quality, R&D, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs.

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